Welcome to my 8th grade English wiki space!! I am excited for my students to share what they learn about our research unit titled, "Faces of Dignity" which will cover the Holocaust. There are two wiki pages dedicated to this unit, the first will give background information on the Holocaust (click on the link to get to the page) itself where students will share all of the information they found during their research on people, places, events, and topics from the Holocaust.

The second wiki page will be dedicated to the reading and analysis of the Nobel Peace Prize winning book Night by Elie Wiesel. I am excited to have this page available for students to study the novel in a more immediate and collaborative way. I am hoping that other classes and people who have also read the book or have more information on surviving a concentration camp during The Holocaust will contribute as well. Click on the picture of the book to get to the Night wiki page.

[[image:space/showimage/night.jpg align="left" link="Night2007"]] Lastly, any student who would like to share his/her thoughts on using this on-line technology instead of paper/pencil can leave their feedback by clicking on this link.

This is a student of Mrs. Phelps and let me tell you that her class always discuss and expand our mind
to hear each other. We will never forget what we have learned here in this class! It will always stick with us!!!!
you are weird my friend. lol

We all miss you so much Mrs. Phelps!! I hope the new 8th grade has as good of a time that I had!!!
-Ashley Ayers