Teenbiz4.jpgTonight's presentation will be given by Mindi Phelps, Kathy Flynn and Ryan Coleman. We will explain to the board what the program Teenbiz is and does, and show the achievement gained in reading and vocabulary by AC's students who have used the Teenbiz program this year.

Teenbiz is an Internet based program that offers differentiated reading instruction. A grant was received to obtain 30 licenses for this school year to be used by the students who were not scoring proficient in the reading section of the PSSA tests (Mr. Coleman's & Mr. Clements' LA for standards students and Mrs. Flynn's 8th grade reading small group instruction students).

This program supports the use of technology at AC and aligns very well with the goals of the Classrooms for the Future grant. With the additional computers in classrooms through the CFF grant, students would have daily access to this program and it could be fully implemented in reading and standards classes at all grade levels.

As the charts and graphs indicate, students have shown great improvement in all the areas of the skills tested. Mrs. Flynn and Mr. Coleman will speak to how students have responded to the program and why they feel it is valuable for improving the skills of these students. The news stories the kids read are current and obviously non-fiction, which is the major focus in the secondary reading program. The stories have led to increased interest in research and independent learning as when they read about a space telescope and we visited the GoogleMars and GoogleMoon websites as a follow-up. The format of the activities also aligns nicely with PSSA in that students answer multiple choice questions and write a thought response. All materials are at the student's grade level since they each took a pre-test at the beginning of the school year. Teacher reports are comprehensive and helpful in that we have a record of their scores as well as what percent of the class time is devoted to reading, activities and email.