Adolf Hitler


Alex B.cody ferguson

  • Committed suiside on April 30 (the day after he was married to Eva Braun)
  • Became Chancellor of Germany and gain many powers
  • With this power he allowed his henchmen (Himmler, Goering, and Goebbles) their own domains
  • Near the end of WW 2 Hitler became insane (do to the fact Germany was losing the war)
  • Hitlers power ended with WW 2
  • Hitler was first involved in war when he joined the army in WW1 at 25 years old he totally love the war
  • A few years after WW1 he decide to run for president against Hindenburg
  • He lost
  • The Reason he was anti-Semite was because he lived in Vienna (a large Jewish community) he blamed the Jews for ending wars (which was all Hitler had)
  • Right Hand man was Heinrich Himmler who later betrayed him
  • Quote by Himmler "My behavior is more important then what I say"
  • Nazi Party fell through once after Hitler went to jail. Once he was released he was tried to rebuild the party
  • Hitler also created the Third Reich
  • Hitler won his way to power by outwitting his opponents and bidding his time
  • had five siblings but his father (Alois) married his second cousin and the close kinship caused four to die
the only two that lived to adulthood were Hitler and his sister Paula
he also had a half brother (Alois Jr) and a half sister (Angela)
  • As and young boy and even as as a young adult Hitler wanted to be a painter but was told he was not good enough
soon after that his mom died and he was given an inherited a large sum of money but he soon spent it all and was throw in to povertry

Hitler wrote his book Mien Campfh while he was in prison serving his firve year sentance for rioting, but only saerved 8 months of his sentance

In my opinion I think that if
Hitler would have used his great ways of persuasion to get people to like him in a good way and to be a political leader he would've led Germany to be a fine country!!!! But no he had to got kill 2,000,000 helpless jews.

Jordan J.
  • The Holocaust was the murder of 11 million lives
  • Eva Braun was the girl who loved hitler
  • she actually went so far as following just to tell him how much she loves him
  • 6 million jews were killed during the Holocaust
  • Hitler was born April 20,1889
  • Born in Brawnaw, Austria
  • By the age 13 his dad died
  • Dropped out of school when he was 16 years old
  • A little bit after World War I broke out he was asked to fight for his country he acppted and was awarded an iron cross (second class) which ment he was one of the most couragous soldiers
  • October 13,1918 Hitler was attacked by the enemy and ended up getting gas posioning and was left temperaliy blind
  • Once Hitler was blinded in war he got awarded an Iron Cross but this time it was first class cross
  • Hitler Attempted to go to the Vienna Academy Of Arts but he didnt pass his test to be accepted though
  • Before Hitler became president he had and election and which he lost against Hindenburg
  • After Hitler lost his election in 1933 Hindenburg made Hitler chancllor of Germany
  • But it only took Hitler a year and a half to take Hindenburg out of his postion of president
  • Then the Holocaust started when Hitler blammed all the problems on the jewish
  • Hitler started by building camps for all the jewish
  • Most of the camps were also called death camps
  • Once the camps were built Hitler started gathering all the Jews and people who had different skin color or because of the way they worshiped
  • The Nazis party started by a demonstration called the Kristallnacht or the night of glass
  • Hitler had gathered alot of the jews and colored people or people who didn't worship the same
  • But Hitler was actually outwitted by one person his name was Oscar Schindler he saved about 1200 jews from Aushwitz
  • Hitler started killing more and more Jews and nobody was willing to stop Hitler because he was so powerful
  • Then an allied army was getting closer to Berlin where Hitler was hiding
  • The army was getting closer and closer so Hitler wrote a political testament then he committed scucide on April 30,1945 same as his wife which was Eva Braun
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* Hitler wanted to be a priest.
  • Hitler wore a size 10.5 shoe.
  • Wanted to be an artist but when turned down twice by the one art school, he wanted to be an architect

Jake B.


  • Born April 20,1889
  • 4th child, but his siblings died when young of diptheria
  • His dad was strict and mom was loving
  • Moved a lot when young


  • Got beat when young
  • Wanted to be a priest
  • Was a talented Artist
  • When 14 his dad died
  • Dropped out of school at 16 because of health
  • Mom died when he was 18 because of breast cancer and her doctor was jewish
  • Then spent 6 years in an orphan's pension

Early Adulthood

He would wander streets, sleep in bars, and homeless shelters
  • During this period he developed prejudices about Jews, interest in politics and debating skills
  • In 1913 he moved to Munich hating Jews and the world
  • Volunteered for Bavarian Army
  • Received Iron Cross, 1st class for his courageous acts
  • Almost got blinded by a gas attack
  • Then he decided to go into politics to redress the army had suffered a "Jewish-Marxist"


  • In 1933 Hitler was named chancellor of Germany
  • About a year or two later he was president
  • He was so powerful and people were afraid to stop him
  • He hated Jews and just wanted to kill them because they worshiped god different
  • When he realized that he
  • Created Third Reich
  • Him and his wife Eva Braun committed suicide together on April 30, 1945
  • Hitler married her the day before

Interesting Facts

  • Slightly helped design the Volkswagon Beetle
  • Was a talented artist
  • Before he killed hisself with cyanide, a type of poison, he first tried it on his dog
  • Wrote book called "4 Years of Struggle against lies, stupidity, and cowardice"
  • Sold 240,000 copies

Zach Whitman

Killed himself on April 30 1945
Married Eva Braun on April 29 1945
demanded that he became chancellor when the Nazi's were the majority in parliment
With this power he allowed his followers their own posistions within the goverment and military
Hitlers lost WW2
Hitler first joined the army in WW1 at 25 years old
when gained power in the Nazi power, he ran for president
The Reason he was anti-Jewish was because he lived in Vienna where lots of Jews lived and blamed them for stopping WW1
Right Hand man was Heinrich Himmler
Hitler won his way to power by inventing new tactics and getting a wide variety of people to listen to his speeches
of the 6 kids his dad and mom had, only he and Paula survived childhood
As and young boy and even as as a young adult Hitler wanted to be a painter but was told he was not good enough and decided to become an architect then
mom died when he was 19 from cancer
dad was Alis Hitler and the mom was Alois's 3rd wife
hated the Jews
lived in Munich and Vienna after WW2
left school early
said father whipped him daily
avg student
very convincing
Brilliant politian
only downfall is that he tried to conquer the whole world at once.
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