By Marisa Mango

Backround on Holocaust
  • "Holocaust" from Greek origin meaning "Sacrifice by fire."
  • Before Holocaust nine million Jewish people
  • After Holocaust killed two thirds of population
  • Happened during World War Two
  • Killed 200,000 mentally and physically disabled
  • Homosexuals, Polish, Jehovah's Witnesses targeted as well
  • Nazi's came to power in 1933
  • Germany invaded Poland September first 1939
  • Last months forced to march miles and miles
  • No shelter or food
  • Allies came liberating concentration camps
  • World War Two ended
  • German surrendered on May seventh in west,east May ninth of 1945

Aid and Escape

  • America did nothing until 1944
  • Roosevelt did not want electorate angery
  • Allies did not want seen fighting for Jew
  • Western Europe showed no loyalty
  • Allies of Jews in area refused hand them ove
  • Failed give up significance of plan of Genocide
  • Lots of countries band together to aid Jews
  • Polish however were not helpful
  • Most Poles turned Jews to Germany
  • Aiding Organization
  • AFSC Amercian Friends Service Committee
  • Provided food one million kids German
  • Set up centers in Berlin,Vienna,Paris
  • American Jewish Joint Distrubution Committee
  • AFSC set up training and orientation programs
  • Reported what Germans did
  • Shipped food,clothing,medicine,other essential
  • 1944 temporary refugee camps held
  • Quaker Agency provided 84,000 people with food and vitamin
  • Youth Aliyah movement for transfer of children
  • Brought 14,000 children to Palestine 1933-194
  • Care for Children organized travel and shelter over 10,000
  • In France OSE Oeuvre de Secours aux Enfant
  • provided hiding places for Jewish children
  • 12,000-15,000 Jewish children saved
  • Between 1933-1939 90,000 Jews fled to neighboring countrie
  • September first 1939 harder to escape
  • Only allowed through Reich until 1941
  • Reich is Nazi empire
  • 1941-1942 systemic shooting of Jews and deportation of Jews to extermination camps
  • 1941 300,000 Polish Jews escape
  • Most survived if sent to Siberia or Central Asia
  • Organized by Zorah a Zionist
  • 2,178 Polish Jews entered Japan between 1940-1941
  • Seven attempts of money to rescue Jews
  • 25,000 Jews fled to Italy
  • Italians then refused to hand Jews
  • Extended protection to Tunisia
  • Were permitted to go to Spain and Portugal
  • 7,500 went to Spain
  • Danish Resistance movement organized escape 7,000 Jews and 700 non-Jewish people to Sweden
  • 18,000 Jews escaped to Palestine with help of Zionists
  • Struma a ship got sunk off coast of Turkey
  • Assumed mistakenly it was the enemy torpedoed by Soviet submarine
Punishments for Trying to Escape
  • If caught next day brought back and tied to horse
  • Shot them only once because needed to save ammunition
  • Beaten then taken back to work
Survival Stories
Bluma's Story
Bluma Goldberg was born in Poland. Nazi's invaded her town in 1939, Bluma and her sister spent several months hiding in forests. When they were found they agreed to go to labor camp. They worked in this factory for two years, worked twelve hour shifts seven days a week. Three months after both her and her sister were moved to Bergen-Belsen a concentration camp. In this concentration camp Jewish people had to wear prison clothes and all jewelry was taken away from them. This camp had no water or bathrooms, and everyone was woken up at five in the morning.
Diseases spread quickly in Bergen-Belsen, many got typhoid fever others went mad talking to themselves while pacing back and forth. Most died from hunger or disease. Bluma's job was to carry things from one place to another; she was there for three months and already covered in lice.One day German military came looking for people for an airplane factory. So they lined the Jewish people up and some went to the right others the left; Bluma and her sister both went to the right and were taken out of Bergen-Belsen. Bluma's job was to paint the number on the plane she worked there till the war ended.

Joseph Sher's Story
Joseph Sher was the middle son of his three brothers, his father was a tailor. Just at thirteen he had a garment draped over his arm in public so no one would see that he was a Jew. The church thought Jews killed Jesus, this became unsafe for Jews to even walk home alone it was so unsafe. When Germans came they told all men from the age of 15-80 to come to the market,Joseph decided to hide in the attic. His father and brother Leo went all the men lied in the street, and it was hot they gave them no food or water if raised their head they were killed. They also shot every tenth man to scare them; this was called the Bloody Monday hundreds of men were killed. Their town was made into a ghetto all Jewish people were forced to build a highway for Hitler. Two German Jews saved Joseph by working with the Germans they gave him a train ticket. On the way though he got typhus secretly doctors helped in hiding him for four weeks. After Joseph recovered him and his brother hide in a factory for ten weeks. Later they were found and taken to HASAG a slave labor camp where he spent the rest of the war until it ended.


Pincus's Story
In 1942 Pincus and his brother were taken from Bochina ghetto and transfered to Auschwitz for two years. They paked a hundred to two hundred people in sealed cars on trains to transport them. There was no food on the train and they spent two days in the car. At Auschwitz everyone had to undress and line up it equaled to five rows, they made some move to the right other to the left. The right was the concentration camp and the left was sent to the crematorium. In the camp Pincus had to shave his hair, they also tattooed them naked, and made them take cold showers. At this time it was in November and freezing cold; afterward they got striped uniforms. Pincus stayed in Auschwitz for four weeks.
Then 700 men including Pincus were taken to Bunno a labor camp, and they had to wake up at five in the morning everyday there. He only got one piece of bread with sawdust and a piece of margarine and one cup of coffee which wasn't real coffee. In this concentration camp they worked 9-10 hours a day his job was to unload graver and coal if the task wasn't finished in a certain time they were beaten. When winter arrived they still had to work outside in ten degrees below zero weather, some people ever froze to death. To survive you had to get a break so you had to find a partner to take ur place. Thanks to knowing the right person he got Pincus a new job inside making cabinets, he saved his life from the cold. Every few months they had what is called a section which is they picked out the skinny people who could no longer work and put down a number. Next day they were picked up by a truck and taken to the crematorium.
1945 Russian offensive started and they walked the death march. Pincus's brother then decided to escape during the march he was never seen after that. Next they were put on a cattle train which took them to Germany it took them ten days to get there. There was no food or water so they had to use a string and cup to scoop up snow to keep alive. Once at the concentration camp they stayed ten days before sent to camp Dora. Pincus worked hard labor there until the war ended.
"Father God, we just ask you to Open you wide, wide arms and look down upon us, Lord, and lead us, and let us know what we should do to stop this, this terrible, terrible Holocaust." -Norma McCorvey

"When i cam to power, I did not want the concentration camps to become old age prisoners homes, but instruments of terror." -Adolf Hitler

"The alleged Hilterian gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews from one and the same historical lie, which permitted a gigantic financial swindle whose chief beneficiaries have been the state of Israel and international Zionism, and whose main victums have een the German people and the Palestinian people as a whole." a denial quote - Robert Faurisson