Anne Frank
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Life During Hiding
  • Anne wrote in her diary of the intense rage
  • Anne shared a room with a denist Miep Giesth
  • Edith Frank lacked sensitivity and sweetness required of a good mother
  • Anne and Margot shared a bedroom
  • everybody speaked soflty at all times
  • they were all taught English,French,Math,and History
  • her hobby during hiding was creating family trees of royal families
  • they peolpe they lived with catered for all of their needs
  • Anne remained closest emotionally to her father
  • typhus epidamic spread through the camp killing an estimaded 17000
  • they had a routine when living in the annex
  • Annex where anne and her family stayed during the whole holocaust until they left for camp
Family Life/Before Hiding
  • Annes best friends names was Hanneli
  • picture of Annefrank of younger years
  • met for first time in 1934
  • they made ping-pong club with her friends
  • Anne went to Montessori school
  • Margot liked arithmetic and anne loved writing
  • for Annes 13 birthday she got a small notebook
  • her and her family were forced to wear yellow star
  • in her Diary she wrote about herself, family and friends and the boys she flirts with
  • July 1942 Margot recived a call-up notice from Auswanderug ordering her to report for relacation to work camp
  • the family was going into hiding in rooms above and behind the companys premised on the Prinsengrucht a street along one of Amsterdams
  • picture of Anne's sister margot
Diary of Anne Frank
*She wrote about her life,family,and,companions
  • her original diary was called version A
  • her edited verson was called version B
  • The first American version was published in 1952
  • in 1999 the Holocaust Education Foundation anounced he had 5 pages that were of the diary
  • Efforts have been made to discredit the diary
  • 1976 Heinz Roth who published pamphelts stating the diary was a forgery
  • when diary was in the lab they said Anne Frank used ballpiont pen
  • Ballpoint pens didnt become widley avaible until after the end of WW2
  • When Otto Frank died the orginal diary had been sent to the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation
  • The deniers wrote a book and said that Otto Frank wrote the diary
This is the excerpt of her diaryimages.jpegexternal image frank_museum.jpg
  • The Anne Frank House opened May 3,1960
  • Anne Frank writitng inspired many people
  • The AFH had become Amsterdam's main tourist attractions and is visted by more that half a million people each year
  • In 1963 Otto Frank and second wife Elfriede Geiringer markouts set up the Anne Frank Fonds as a chartitable foundation
  • It has aimed to educate young people against rasisum and has loaned some of Anne Franks papers to the untied States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C for exibition in 2003

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Family Life/Before Hiding
  • Anneliese Marie Frank was born on June 12,1929.
  • Older sister's name was Margot Betti.
  • Her parent's names were Otto and Edith Frank.Anne_Frank.jpeg
  • Was 14 years old when the Holocaust started.
  • Her family had solid roots in Germany.
  • Lived on 24 Ganghoferstrasse in Poets' Quaters before the Holocaust.
  • Anne's family were Reformed Jews, which are people who are Jewish but they don't observe some customs.
  • Was lively, funny, and outgoing.
  • Had many friends who were Jews and non- Jews.
  • The notebook she recieved was actually a autograph book, but she wanted to use it as a diary.
  • Time line from the time she was born til' she died in a concentration camp.

Life During Hiding/ Concentration Camps
  • Hide in a secret annex above her father's business with her family and other friends.
  • Secret annex was hidden behind a movable bookcase.
  • The Franks and the other people in the secret annex had helpers who were non-Jews helping them. They included Miep Gies, Joannes Kleiman, Victor Kugler, and Bep Voskuijl. They were all employee's of Otto Frank's.
  • Helpers came to the secret annex everyday and talked about buisness, politics, food, wartime diffuculties, books, and newspapers.
  • During hiding, Anne and the other members in the secret annex had to be so quiet that they couldn't even flush the toliet.
  • Spent over two years in the secret annex.
  • Anne and the others in the secret annex were found on August 4,1944 at 10:30 a.m.
  • Everyone from the annex had to go a jail, which was ran by the Germans.
  • When captured, the two helpers Miep Gies and Bep Voskuijl rescued Anne's diary and papers and later gave them to Otto after the war.
  • Everyone from the annex was later sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau.
  • In October 1944, Margot and Anne were taken to the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen.
  • During their stay in Bergen-Belsen, they both became ill with typhus fever and later died.
  • Died when she was only 15 years old.

Diary and Museum
  • After the war, Otto recieved Anne's diary and loose papers that expressed her true feelings.
  • Her diary has been translated into 67 languages.
  • Wrote in her diary during hiding in Amsterdam.
  • The diary begins just before the family retreated to the secret annex.
  • In her diary, Anne feels hope, frustration, clashes with her parents, and observations of the people around her.
  • First copy of her diary was in Dutch in 1947.
  • Her diary is considered to be one of the key texts of the 20th century.
  • As of 2004, over 25 million copies have been sold.
  • Passages from the diary were meticulously written.
  • The former hiding place of the Frank's is now a museum that is called the Anne Frank House.
  • Her diary is on display in the Anne Frank House.
  • Has been a museum since 1960.
  • The orginial wallpaper and pictures are still hanging in the museum.
  • Anne and Margot's growth charts are still in the museum.

Anne's Famous Quotes
  • " No one has ever become poor by giving".
  • " It's really a wonder that I haven't dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart".
** " The good news is that you don't know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!"
  • Alison G.
  • YellowStar.jpgFull name: Annelies Marie Frank
  • Born on June 12th 1929
  • Born in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Parents names are Otto and Edith
  • Edith born on January 16, 1900
  • Father born on May 12, 1889
  • Edith's maden name is Holländer
  • Franks are reform Jews (Jews that "observe" some traditions, but not all customs)
  • Otto was in WWI
  • She planned to become a writer
  • Got her diary on her 13th birthday
  • She used her diary as her one true friend, and called it "Kitty"
  • Margot Betti, Anne's sister, got a notice fom the SS that she was to work at a labor camp
  • She was talkative and popular
  • Her diary is written about her life from June 12th 1942 - August 1st 1944
  • Anne thought hiding would be a fun adventure at first
  • Otto had already been turning his office for the company Opteka into a hiding blace by the Nazis invaded
  • They hid in the "Secret Annex" in her father, Otto's office.
  • Jan Gies and Johannes Hendrik Voskuijl were their only contact to the outside world
  • In late July, another family, the van Pels family, hid with them
  • And soon after, another man, Pfeffer did too
  • She "developed a romance" with Peter van Pels
  • Frequently spent summers in Aachen, Germany with her grandma
  • Arrested on August 4, 1944
  • Anne had heard that diaries and letters were being published about their experiences
  • She edited her diary and changed people's names
  • There ended up two versions of her diary, "Version A" is her original, "Version B" is her edit
  • Taken to the Gestapo HQ for interrigation
  • Sent to a work camp in Westerbork, The Netherlands
  • Sent to Auschwitz
  • Forced to strip naked, get her head shaved, and get a number identifying tattoo
  • Got infected with scabies
  • Edith dies in Auschwitz
  • After about another month, Margot, are sent to Bergen-Belsen
  • They both get typhus and Margot dies in March of 1945
  • Anne dies shortly after
  • She was 15 when she died
  • Miep Gies, their former "helper", gave the diary to Anne's father after the war
  • Her father gave the diary to a historian who unsuccesfully tried to get it published
  • Her husband wrote an article about it that helped get it published
  • The first American edition was published in 1952 titled: Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

This picture's text translates to "This is a photo as I would wish myself to look all the time. Then I might have a chance to go to Hollywood."
Anne and Margot Frank's grave
The Diary of Anne Frank
The Yellow Star that the Jews had to wear

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famous Anne quotes
  • "Forgive me, Kitty, they don't call me a bundle of contradictions for nothing!"
  • "God never deserted our people. Right through the ages there were Jews. Through the ages they suffered, but it also made us strong."
  • "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before beginning to improve the world."

Anne Frank Movie
  • born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • full name: Annelies Marie Frank
  • father Otto, mother Edith Hollander, sister Margot
  • outspoken, energetic
  • Anne liked to write, she wanted to be writer when she grew up
  • the Franks and the van Pels went into hiding on July, 6 1942
  • Fritz Pfeffer- a dentist joined their hiding place
  • Anne called their hiding place the "Secret Annex"
  • hiding place was Otto's previous work office
  • Victor Kugler, Johannaes Kleiman, Miep Gies, & Bep Vaskuijl were helpers- brought them clothing, food, news of war, etc.
  • August 4, 1944- hiding place raided by German Security Police
  • taken to Gestapo
  • transferred to Huis van Bewaring then to Westerbrok
  • from there to Auschwitz
  • eveyone survived selection
  • slave labour
  • Oct. 28- relocated to Bergen- Belsen
  • mother left behind
  • Mar. 1945- Typhus epidemic started
  • Margot died from falling out of bed when she was weak
  • Anne died a few weeks later