Barbara Ledermann Rodbell
Roxanne Light

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*Survivor of the Holocaust*
Family Background

  • considered themselves more German than Jewish
  • mother-Ilse Ledermann
father-Franze Ledermann

During the Holocaust

After the Holocaust

  • "I had always been willful and very much my own person. If I believed in something, I treid to follow up on it."

  • "My father just didn't want to believe like that [genocide of the Jews] was possible-its very understandable. He just couldn't believe the humanistic Germans he knew would do such a thing."

  • I was exactly the right age to be on my own. If I had been younger, like my sister, I would have stayed with my parents. If I were older with children, I just don't know how I could have done it."

  • "If somebody would stop you, you could show the papers and a big smile, with the make-up still on, and it worked. I know I was scared and worried about it, but it never stopped me."

  • "All the Jews just cane down the stairs and climbed on trucks. Its very tempting to follow suit if everybody does what they are told."

  • "The big thing was 'the Americans will come,the Americans will come, the Americans will come."

Barbara's Message for Teenagers Today
  • "You always have to think for yourself."