Nate U.

  • was a concentration camp built in 1945 by the prisoners themselves.prisoners.jpg

Sarah H.

  • 240,000 prisoners were held at the camp since it opened.
  • Buchenwald first opened for male prisoners in July 1937.
  • Buchenwald was one of the largest concentration camps.
  • many people on the march died of starvation or exhaustion.
  • Jews were killed in gas chambers or were burned.
  • they had classifying triangular badges.
  • they would have identification numbers to tell who they were.
  • slave laborers died from being overwork, diseases, and violence.
  • 3 million people have died from gas chambers.
  • the march was brutal and long.
  • it left people very exhausted.
  • they came from Auschwitz and Gross-Rosen.
  • they arrived in Buchenwald in January 1945.
  • hygiene was a big issue that caused most people to die.
  • they marched in cold nasty weather.
  • most of the prisoners worked in factories.
  • prisoners who were weak were either burned, killed in gas chambers, or phenol injection.
  • the prisoners had to wear the black and white striped pants with the matching jacket.
  • mostly more men in the camps then women.