I would like students to give me their thoughts on using these wiki pages to complete class work instead of the traditional paper/pencil way.

Dear Mrs. Phelps,
There are many reasons why this is better than paper. I hate erasing on paper because then it looks sloppy, so this is much better! I also like to be able to share my ideas without saying anything out loud. The internet rocks!! Thanks for being a great teacher with great, new ideas!


I think its slightly confusing since its not like you just click stuff to make something bold, italic, underlined, hyperlinked etc... Instead you have to type in the address, and put the word to be hyperlinked, its so long to do.

I am John Pursel, an outside observer and future teacher from Lebanon Valley College. As such, I feel that I get a different perspective on the lesson and the idea of using a WikiPage. Everything I am learning in my Education classes here at LVC I can see being put to use in Mrs Phelps classes. She grasps key ideas to being an effective teacher and, by using the technology that she advocates, gives her students all the opportunity in the world to succeed. I know, in a few years, I certainly plan on using this lesson that I've learned from her and other lessons I hope to learn from her in the future.

John Pursel

Zach_17/Zach Whitman

Hey, hey, hey!!!

Yeah! I love wikispaces Mrs. Phelps!! We should do all of our projects on da intanet!!

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